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Concurrent Credit Opportunities

Concurrent Credit Opportunities


It is vital that students recognize their status as a college student. As a concurrently enrolled student, GPHS students must abide by the rules/regulations of Garden Plain High School, as well as the college/university in which they are taking courses.



Garden Plain High School provides its students with the wonderful opportunity to earn college credit while maintaining GPHS student status. GPHS is in partnership with Hutchinson Community College and Newman University to provide students the opportunity to enhance their education while saving hundreds and thousands of dollars towards a college education (current rates below). Attached you will find a document entitled Concurrent Credit Courses which lists all the offerings on GPHS campus.

  • Hutchinson Community College: $93 per credit hour + $25 H.S. Blended Course Fee per class
  • Newman University: $75 per credit hour

Garden Plain Concurrent Credit Course List



GPHS offers its students the opportunity to take online courses in instances where a course is not provided on campus. If a student pursues the Online Credit option, they will spend one class period a day in the GPHS library completing coursework for their selected online course. Online credit is a committment and the student may not drop the course at anytime during the semester. The class must start at the beginning of the semester and run until the end of the semester.  Click the links below to visit the HCC and WSU Tech online course catalog. Make sure to talk to Mrs. Moritz for more information and guidance on the best fit class for your career/college path.

HCC Online Course Catalog

WSU Tech Online Course Catalog