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Hutchinson Community College

Hutchinson Community College 

  • HCC classes are available for any Junior/Senior
  • To be able to take an HCC class, you either have to have a qualifying ACT score, GPA, or you have to take a HCC Assessment.
    • Please see the HCC Concurrent Enrollment Requirements form for the test scores or GPA requirements to take English Composition 1, CNA/CMA/HHA, and any math class taken at Hutch CC. (Discalimer: Our College Algebra is through Newman University).
    • Psychology, Sociology, Government, and Public Speaking do not require an assessment score.
  • Applying to HCC:  The second step in taking an HCC class, after figuring out if you have a qualifying score, is to apply to HCC.  You can do this by clicking hereYou will need your social security number to apply.
  • How to enroll in a HCC class:
    • A high school student cannot enroll themselves in these classes.  Mrs. Moritz will have to enroll you. If you want to take one of these classes or an online class from HCC, please see Mrs. Moritz.

Hutch CC Checklist for Concurrent Enrollment

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