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ACT Test Prep Class

Want to increase your ACT score?  Apply for more scholarships?  Improve your chances at admission at your college of choice?  Then this class is for you.

WHEN:   Tuesday, November 14th 

               9:00 am to 1:30 pm

WHERE:  Andale High School Auditorium

WHY:  This workshop includes practical and relevant information on how to increase your ACT score.  It shows you how to control the test and not let it control you?  Because the ACT is predictable, it is highly susceptible to test-smart strategies.  The workshop covers what will be on the test and how to master test-taking techniques.  This class is not a practice test!  Learn general ideas about the ACT as a whole and the individual tests:

English- Learn what ACT test-writers are looking for and how to approach different types of questions.

Math- Learn what problem-solving skills and math skills you need.

Reading- Learn your best method for doing well on ACT reading.

Science- Learn common question types and what’s really required to do well.

COST:   $38 per student (make checks payable to Andale High School)

Come to the counseling office to pick up a registration sheet.  The deadline to sign up is Thursday, November 9th  or until class is full.  Register early to make sure you get a seat.  



The ACT is offered 7 times throught the 2017-2018 school year.  This is new! They added another test date this year and it will be in July.  The following are the tests dates:

Test Date                                      Registration Deadline                    Late Registration Deadline

September 9th                                                     August 4th                                                                          August 5th – 18th

October 28th                                                       September 22nd                                                            Septermber 23rd – Oct. 6th

December 9th                                                     November 3rd                                                               November 4th – 17th

February 10th                                                      January 12th                                                                 January 13th – 19th

April 14th                                                    March 9th                                                        March 10th – 23rd

June 9th                                                      May 4th                                                           May 5th – 18th

July 14th                                                                             June 15th                                                                                       June 16th – 22nd

The dates highlighted in yellow are the dates the ACT is offered at Garden Plain High School.  

Garden Plain High School’s ACT Testing Code is 171070

To get registered for one or more of these test you can click here and it will take you to ACT’s homepage.

 To get all ACT test dates, registration deadlines, how to apply, and cost click here

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